Sunday, July 27, 2014

Laptop, Lenovo G505

Keyword-- Laptop, Lenovo G505

Lenovo G505—my new love
 Like all you others out there, I too was a desktop user. I used it for various reasons and purposes. It was my entertainment chamber. My best friend when lonely. My study resource material. Shortcut to a friend’s place and so much more. It is the temple people call workplace.

But one day it came crashing down, along with my world. Suddenly, I had nothing to do. I felt I’m that guy from the Viber advertisement. Missing out on all the social networking, music, YouTube and movies was just too much to take. And then there was pending work. Heap loads of them. Asus just demanded 15 days to look into (well, it was in warranty period, the motherboard.)

Deciding enough is enough, I firmly took a step to the new world. I now wanted a laptop. This was around Christmas Time last year. Together with my mom, I hopped off to the nearest mall (well, somebody has to pay, right). There was placed the Lenovo G505 series. Well as I had not been into much research, the store attendant took me through a number of them.  
No doubt the initial attraction is taken up by HP itself, with its shiny glossy finish and admirably perfect features you just cannot deny its awesomeness. And then he introduced me to the Lenovo G505. Well, it might not be attractive, but trust me I don’t have to worry about it getting stratched all day long. Yes, a scratch proof body is what you need for the long term. After all its not a showpiece. 
With an approximately 15.6 inch screen, it comes to weight at about 2.6 kgs. With 4 GB Ram and I tb hard disk space, it comes in a  color the Lenovo team terms as Midnight Black. The resolution for the laptop stands at 1366*768 pixels. 
A spill-proof island style keyboard is wat helped me draft this blog in less than an hour(truly, photograph attached). And yeah, thank god, its spill proof, for the cups of coffee that has gone into it. 
It has power management efficiency, that’s patient enough to standby for all the chatting and mails and downloads and still has just enough left to draft me through my work. I do not like working on a device put on charge. 
Last, but most importantly, it is equipped with a 720p capable webcam. Well, yeah now you know why I love it right. As evident from my last blog I am a selfie addict. And it is my beloved Lenovo G505 that got me selfie addicted! 

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